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Adventures in Lost Wax

Page history last edited by Dan Towse 2 years, 11 months ago

I've dabbled a little in Lost Wax Casting, or rather Wax carving for lost wax casting.


Casting silver and/or bronze is beyond my current level of investment of time & energy. it can be done with minimal equipment, A sand box loam hearth, cheap commercially purchased crucibles, and a cheap hairdryer for a blower.

Instead I take my finished Wax into a commmercial caster and they say, "Pick it up on tuesday, that'll be around £20" 


the big difference, working in positive as opposed to negative. You carve away what you don't want cast, as opposed to carving a mould, where you carve away what you want cast. 

(this does mean though if you are carving a seal matrix, you work as normal, as your positive wax turns into a Positive Matrix, - which is a negative in and of itself, so all those negative carving skills pay off - mirror letters, reversed images etc etc. Confused yet?)


best for one offs, or limited production runs, if you get your caster to take a mould from the finished piece.(£££s)


I first had a go under the guidance of John Prendergast and made a simple ring.


Once I found my casters in London (Justcastings.co.uk) I started with a few Seal Matrixes.


Square Bezel RIng


Abbess' Seal for Edith of Hedingham


Personal Seal for Genevieve la Flechiere


Family Seal for Bridget Greywolf


Sassanid Persian Belt


Lion_Seal for Phil Rhichards



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